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Keeping It Real - Lived Theology

"In our modern forms of specialized education there is a tendency to lose the whole in the parts, and in this sense we can say that our generation produces few truly educated people. True education means thinking by associating across the various disciplines, and not just being highly qualified in one field, as a technician might be. I suppose no discipline has tended to think more in fragmented fashion than the orthodox or evangelical theology of today. Those standing in the stream of historic Christianity have been especially slow to understand the relationships between various areas of thought. When the apostle warned us to keep [ourselves] unspotted from the world, he was not talking of some abstraction. If the Christian is to apply this injunction to himself, he must understand what confronts him antagonistically in his own moment of history. Otherwise he simply becomes a useless museum piece and not a living warrior for Jesus Christ."

Francis A. Schaeffer - The God Who Is There

Nothing is more antagonistic to Christians living in the west than the racism and classism of our age save perhaps abortion. These more than any other issue are in direct conflict with the Gospel being proclaimed as "good news for all people".

If we do not confront this terrible antagonist...then how indeed shall we sing a new song.

"And they sang a new song, saying, "Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation."

Below you will find articles, links and other resources on what it means to be a community Church, engage the culture (not create a sub-culture) and live the commandment "to love your neighbor as yourself".


   Eight components of Christian Community Development

   Relocation: Living Among the People


   Redistribution (Just Distribution of Resources)

   Leadership Development

   Listening to the Community


   Wholistic Approach


   Articles and Papers

   I Have A Dream: God gave Martin a dream

   Excluded Neighborhoods: A history, a theology, a proposal

   Theology in Action: Spring Break work week in Sandtown

   A New Song in Sandtown: Who is my neighbor?

   The 3 R's of Christian Community Development

   Economic Development: We must own the pond

   Created for Community

   Radical Faith: The Revolution of John Perkins (by Jessica
Kinnison - Jackson Free Press)

   The Wonder Of It All: Article on City Seminary by Bob Wells


   Nehemiah Urban Ministry Initiatives

   Voice of Calvary Ministries

   Christian Community Development Association

   Lawndale Community Church

   The Project on Lived Theology

   Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development

   New Song Urban Ministries

   Redeemer Presbyterian Church - New York

   City Seminary of New York

   Duke Center for Reconciliation

   Here's Life Inner City - IHope Community

   Recommended Books

  Beyond Charity - Perkins

  Restoring At Risk Communities - Perkins

  To Live in Peace - Gornik

  Real Hope in Chicago - Gordon

  The Beloved Community - Marsh (see review)

  More Than Equals (Perkins & Rice)

  God's Long Summer (Marsh)

  Sidewalks in the Kingdom (Jacobsen)


Tim Keller: The Gospel and the Poor:
A Case for Compassion from Here's Life Inner City on Vimeo.



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